In the near future, it can be expected that there will be major advances in the technology of micro modular data centers. While they already have gotten smaller since their invention, it can be expected that it will be possible to build micro modular data centers that are far smaller than the ones of today. These micro modular data centers will also be able to store larger amounts of data than those of today. This will be far more convenient for business owners. In addition to improving the convenience and function of micro modular data centers, the increases in the technology behind them will also likely lower their prices.

Nanotechnology could potentially eliminate the need for a hard drive altogether!

Nano-technology works with atoms and molecules to build very small structures. These small structures can be used for electronics, and they are already are being used in the design of smartphones. This is part of what enables such small devices to function as computers.

While nanotechnology has the potential to decrease the amount of space required for the electronics in micro modular data centers and allow for faster operating speeds, quantum computing could potentially be even more of a quantum leap for micro modular data centers. If this technology is developed, quarks could be used as a sort of subatomic bit.

This would allow for large amounts of data to be stored on tiny spaces, and it would allow for infinitely faster operating speeds. Some companies have already anticipated what they would do with this technology, and one even expects that they would be able to make it easily accessible at an affordable price!