Cloud technology makes it possible to stream information to a select group of people, and this streaming can take place over long distances. The technology can be connected to micro modular data centers, and this can make it possible for employees at the company to be able to have access to the data.

Micro modular data centers are set up so that the business owner determines what data is streamed through the cloud technology and which employees have access to it. Sensitive information typically either isn’t streamed using cloud technology at all, or it is only accessible to select employees.

While it is possible to make the information from the cloud accessible on mobile devices, business owners do not have to allow it. They can simply make it available on the computers within the office instead. Even if it is made available on mobile devices, it is still possible to prevent employees from having access to the data outside of work.

This has made business meetings flow more smoothly, because it is possible to broadcast data to the business meeting directly from the micro modular data center. Those participating in the meeting can easily call up what they need on their mobile devices! Even complex images, charts, graphics, and even videos can be streamed over long distances from the micro modular data center.